Advanced Training

Advanced Training
Advanced Training is a pivotal issue of the educational strategy of the UNESCO Chair Life on Land.

BIODIV Doctoral Programme
BIODIV is an international joint programme (University of Lisbon and University of Porto) in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. BIODIV aims at providing high quality scientific training on evolution, distribution and dynamics of biodiversity at distinct scales of biological organization: from organisms and populations to communities and ecosystems. For each annual edition of this Doctoral Programme several PhD grants are made available for African students from countries of our Network of TwinLabs.

Masters Course in “Biodiversity, Genetics and Conservation”
A transnational Masters Course in "Biodiversity, Genetics and Conservation” is under preparation, to be applied from 2022 in the TwinLab of Angola.
With a dual academic degree, to be conferred by the University of Porto and the University Mandume Ya Ndemufayo (in Angola), the programme will be fully implemented in situ.
The first phases of the Masters’ application were approved during 2019 at University of Porto and University Mandume Ya Ndemufayo (Pedagogical and Scientific Boards), and the Accreditation processes in both countries are in its final stages. 
The expectation is that students graduated in this scope may subsequently attend international PhD Programmes, such as BIODIV or other doctoral programmes anywhere in the world.