TwinLabs Projects

TwinLabs Projects
Since 2012, several projects have been developed within the Africa Network, including R&D, PhDs and MSc projects.
The subjects of these projects ranged from endangered species to whole ecosystems and has led, in this short time, to an exponential increase in our knowledge of the biodiversity, human history, and human pressures in the region.

Ongoing research and development projects

  • Biogeography and conservation of the Angolan endemic hotspots 
  • Phylogeography, population genetics and conservation of the Giant Sable Antelope – Angola.
  • Conservation status of the African Wild Dogs in Angola: An historical and contemporary perspective
  • Towards a multidisciplinary population profiling of southern Angola: a key region for understanding human settlement in southern Africa
  • Solving the trophic relation between the Raso Lark (Alauda razae) and the giant Cabo Verde wall gecko (Tarentola gigas)
  • Unravelling the ecology of the Endangered giant Cabo Verde wall gecko (Tarentola gigas), an endemic specie of the Integral Nature Reserves of Raso and Branco islets

Projects within national and international networks

  • Global Malaise Program (TwinLab CIBIO-UP/UNAM), led by Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG), University of Guelph
  • CVAgrobiodiversity - Climatic changes and plant genetic resources: the overlooked potential of Cabo Verde's endemic flora. Led by ISA (University of Lisbon) with participation of INIDA and Direção Geral do Ambiente (Cape Verde), University of Azores, Escola Superior de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais (ECAA) and TwinLab CIBIO-UP/UNICV.