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Infrastructures & knowledge and technological capacity

It is under way the implementation of a properly-equipped laboratory of Molecular Biology at Neudamm Campus, University of Namibia. This infrastructure is equipped with an Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer, being well-prepared and organized to handle with invasive and with non-invasive genetic analyses. This infrastructure will facilitate the use of molecular biology tools for research projects, not only those directly carrying on by the Namibia TwinLab, but also from twinlabs of neighboring countries, including Angola and Zimbabwe.

In the next three years, the TwinLab will make a large investment (of time and human resources) in the creation of the Natural History Museum of Lubango. This project has the potential to be a major catalyst for the growth and solid implementation of a scientific (fundamental and applied) culture on biodiversity, rooted in Angola but with a footprint extending to African Portuguese-speaking countries and the Southern African region. Albeit ambitious, this project is based on solid foundations: i) strong support in Lubango, from the University and the Zoological Collections and Herbarium, and from the Governor of the province; ii) the availability of a building for the museum, the old train station, a beautiful national heritage site. It has been well maintained and has the ideal dimensions for such project.

Natural History Museum of Lubango - A new Natural History Museum to be created in the old train station of Lubango (photos: then & now).

This Museum will be a hub promoting biodiversity research and outreach in Angola and ultimately in the region. Its functions will include:
  • Repository of current and future zoological and botanical collections.
  • Repository of biodiversity data for Angola; including bibliography, observations, digitised collections, GIS, etc.
  • Major outreach role close to the general public and schools.
  • Capacity building hub, organising regular technical courses.
  • Tertiary education role as coordinator of a future MSc program in biodiversity and conservation (in Portuguese). 
  • Logistics centre attracting and facilitating international researchers to carry out research projects in Angola tied up to further capacity building.